Friday, January 29, 2010

Just A Little Silly Song

I like your love cuz it's so crazy-
Makes me swoon and makes me hazy-
Puts me in a spell for day-z's-
Come be my Valentine!

You got the cutest eyes I've ever seen
They hyp-no-tize me with their green
Bright like pricey kinds of bling-
Come see me, Valentine!

I want your hug cuz it's so cozy-
To touch your cheeks and lips and nose-y
And hug you from your head to toe-sies
Come hold me, Valentine!

You've got my heart forever, Honey
You are all I ever want-ey-
Makin all my days so sunny-
Come love me, Valentine!

The reason for this little rhyme-
Is to say I love you all the time -
And the best thing about you, Valentine-
You. You. You...
Are mine!