Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Note:This little sing-song poem
was written in 2002 about a camping trip
experience. My sister Linda named
this so-called mud hole-
(strategically placed in
the middle of the campsite)-
which all of us seemed to
avoid except my husband.
You had to be there, I guess.
I found this while I was
cleaning yesterday and thought
it might bring Linda a smile...

Down in the holler
There's a story they tell
And I'll share it now
if you'll sit for a spell.

There's a place by the river-
By evil possessed-
It's a hole in the ground
that lies waiting in rest.

Slick as snot
and thick with mud
It'll bring you down
with a thunderous thud!

It will shame your pride
and steal your soul-
So friend, just beware
of the Ass-Whippin' Hole!

If you've had a few beers-
it just seems to know-
It opens right up
and grabs your big toe!

When others see it-
the laughter will roll
At the sight of your ass
gettin' whipped by the hole!