Thursday, October 1, 2009


He died today. He died today.
I tried to hold him. He slipped away.
Now the chill sets in. I'm cold.
No longer is he here to hold.
We had such good times- he and I
beneath the summer's fading sky-
The days were full of smiles and plans-
But he slipped away- right through my hands.
We saw the season change together-
Held on through rough and rainy weather-
Watched the leaves turn the color of fire-
As the yellow moon grew higher...higher...
Bathed in sassafras perfume-
we lived. We laughed. We danced a tune.
But the music has just stopped today-
The cold has come- I fear- to stay.
Rest in peace, my dearest friend-
These memories will never end...
Mr. September- I still can see your face
as Mr. October comes
to take your place...