Friday, October 16, 2009

Storm On The Horizon

This is another poem of mine I found while cleaning closets this week.
Must have been a really bad day! :)

November 16, 1990 6:32 am Friday

This is the storm that I saw coming
In the distance of the sky-
I hold my own- Am I alone?
(I'm so grateful that I can cry)...

At first it was just raindrops-
We've stayed fairly dry.
But then thunder crashes and lightning flashes-
(and I'm so grateful that I can cry).

You soared so gracefully for so long-
Soared successfully and high.
But we can't pretend that we can mend
Broken wings that cannot fly.

The rain is torrents now, I see-
The lightning hurts my eyes-
My heart is still- I cannot feel-
(But I'm so grateful that I can cry).

Perhaps there is shelter somewhere
To comfort you and I.
But after this weather- will we be together?
Or soar a different sky?