Friday, October 9, 2009


Autumn is swallowed up by rain.

...stuffed into a globe of swirling
yellow leaves that soon rest
like wet, lemon feathers
on my doorstep.

I breathe the cool air,
wrap my sweater tighter-
look beyond the withered corn fields
and search for Summer.

It was just here.
In my arms.
I was just holding onto
its sunshine and greenness
and the perfume of life.

Now, Autumn steps in.
Smelling of wet earth
and burning wood
and dry hay.
Cradling me with
shaky arms and
a chilly smile.

The screen door slams
with a gust of wind
and leaves continue
to dance from the trees
and die on the ground.

I go inside.
Ashamed that Autumn
would greet me so rudely.

Afraid that Summer
will never be found again.