Monday, October 26, 2009


When there seems to be no strength to hold me standing-
Words are friends that never seem to fail-
I know I can grasp words from my heart,
though it beats erratic, is weakened and pale.
And I toss them like friends about me-
like jewels that glisten bright in compare
that warm me up and give me hope
when I drown in loneliness and despair.

Words support me like bridges of steel
and wrap round me like a kindness, so rare-
Words are proof that I am still alive
and not oblivious to care.
Words are my lifesaver when the waves clash
and the lightning strikes close to home.
Nothing can take them away from me-
With words, I am never alone.

I drown without them.
Yet, with words, I swim no better.

I just die on the ocean slowly.