Friday, October 23, 2009

Someone's Shoe

Of all the things that turn my head
On highways long and pathways worn-
it's not the rusty fields of corn
Not even starlit skies of blue-

It's someone's shoe.

How did someone lose a shoe?
Just a single one- and not two?
Do they not see one foot is bare?
And why did they leave it sitting there?

Sometimes it looks perfectly new-
So why didn't they keep that shoe?
Did it fly out without them knowing
that suddenly their toes were showing?

I've seen a shoe all wrinkled and worn-
with laces gone and leather torn-
Not worth keeping- But even then-
You think you'd see it's ugly twin.

I've seen all kinds- and still I whisper-
"Who's limping around without that slipper?"
"Who's sprinting with one Nike Air?
"Does the cowboy know his boot is there?

How sad to see a lonely shoe...
Does any of them belong to you?